A step-by-step guide on becoming a game tester

The game tester profession is attracting several people across us today, and for no mean reason. Who wouldn’t like fat checks in their mail just for playing games and reviewing them? No wonder then, that the youth brigade is seriously considering becoming game testers more than anything else. This article is a guide for anyone wishing to become a game tester.

(i)The most important part of being a game tester is getting into the job. These folk do not normally advertise their jobs on the Internet and in the newspapers. But if you have someone working in a game development company, it will certainly help. You could ask them to introduce you to the company, where you could go and meet. You have to be sure to create the impression that you are an avid gamer and that you can pick out flaws in games. At the same time, you also have to prove that you are going to be dedicated towards the job and meet their deadlines, which are usually fortnightly. There are also some websites that can give you some initial assignments if you pay them a small fee.

(ii)Once you have been recruited by someone for game testing, you have to await their assignments. Mostly the assignments will come in the mail. In most likely circumstances, you will be given a CD or DVD of the portion of the game you have to test, and an assignment sheet.

(iii)You have to install the game and then play it like you always do with games. But at this time, since you are testing the game, you will need to be more observant. You also have to fill your assignment sheet as you play along. Generally, you will need to report if there are any flaws in the overall playability of the game, and to give a general review on how you felt the game to be. You might also need to rate the game on a scale from 1 through 10.

(iv)Once your report is submitted, you have to send it back to the employer through any means of communication that you have pre-decided upon. You don’t have to send the game itself; you can keep it. This is one of the best perks of being a game tester.

(v)The employer will make sure that you have played the game fully and reviewed it well. When this is done, a check will be sent to you, which you will receive via mail. Generally, there is a two-week turnaround time between the submitting of the report and the receipt of the check.

That’s how it goes for a game tester. It’s not quite easy, it’s not quite difficult; but it is decidedly different from other jobs. And exciting too!

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