Download the best free surgical games for kids

In Google Play Store, there are many development companies who developed surgery games for kids. Among them GameiMax is one of them who developed top level surgery games for kids. GameiMax always developed interesting games and recently they announced their newly developed games “Doctor Braces” and “Animal Nail Doctor” for kids with attractive sound and graphics. Till now GameiMax developed many numbers of games. Among them Nail Doctor is one of the best game & its download ratio is increased day by day. From this type of games kids will get some basic knowledge for doing surgery. These all games are FREE to download from Google Play Store.

Doctor Braces

GameiMax here come with new concept game called Doctor Braces for kids. In Play Store, there are many surgery games related on teeth. Among them Doctor Braces is outstanding game. From this game kids will get some basic idea for doing teeth surgery. This game is FREE to download from Play Store.

Let’s help these kids to cure his teeth. Kids don’t like to do brush. By this game children helps to learn how to clean teeth. When they don’t clean their teeth same thing will be happened to him also. Kids get some basic knowledge for doing teeth treatment from this game. In this game kids will behave like doctor or surgeon. When game will be start, four patients are waiting for their treatment. In this game, there are two views; they are “Care View” and “Braces View”. When treatment will be start players have to use some tools. They are given below:

Care view

- Use Stethoscope
- Use Thermometer for measuring temperature of body
- Measure Blood-presser with use of Blood Pressure measurer
- Measure Heartbeat

Braces view

- Use Germs killer for removing Germs
- Use remover for removing Green teeth as well as Black teeth
- Use Water spray for clean mouth
- Teeth moral
- Teeth bonding is used for changing teeth shape
- Put Braces

The surgery game is an innovative concept of today. Doctor Braces game helps kids to learn new things to take care for their teeth & it’s also help kids to learn medical treatment.

Animal Nail Doctor

GameiMax recently launch their newly developed game that is Animal Nail Doctor. This game is based on Nail surgery. In this game players have to apply surgery on animal’s injured nail in funny way. In this game, Animal sound makes this game very interesting. They are used different medical tools for doing nail surgery.


-Injection is used to be done in pill form, or through it
-Shower is used to remove clay
-Dryer is used to suck the water
-Germs killer is used to kill the germs
-Pus remover is used to remove pus.
-Cotton is used to remove a blood.
-Ice is used for remove swelling
-X-ray is used to scan your thumb.
-Painkiller-Spay used to relief from toe pain.
-Plaster is used to recover your Thumb to be as before injury.

By this way Nail surgery will be completed. By using of this type of tools kids will get some knowledge for doing nail surgery.

GameiMax is very popular to launched amazing games for kids. From their developed games, kids will learn something new with fun.

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