Get your backup games with Xbox 360 Game Burner Cookies

If you are a passionate Xbox 360 gamer, then you may the desire to know how to burn Xbox games. The software that you use to burn music discs cannot help you burn game discs. You need advanced software program to read and burn Xbox 360 games. Cookies Xbox 360 burner is the most sophisticated program that is specifically designed to help you download Xbox games and burn them in your blank media to play them in your console. It is very simple to use this software program that even a 10 year old boy can do it.

Steps to burn your Xbox 360 games

Cookies Xbox 360 game burner download is perfect for any enthusiastic gamer who wants to get backup of his Xbox games. Once you place your order for the Cookies Xbox 360 game burner, you will be redirected to your download page. You can start using the program to burn games, immediately after downloading and installing the software on your computer. You just need to follow three steps to burn your favorite Xbox 360 games.

Select the games for which you want to make copies

Insert CD-R or DVD-R discs

Click on burn games.

Salient features of cookies game burner software

Auto stealth patch

Auto stealth patch is the most beneficial feature of Cookies Xbox 360 game burner software. This feature lets you play Xbox games online undetected. This makes it safe to play on Xbox Live.

Auto layer break settings

Cookies game burner software comes with auto layer breaking, so it knows where to change layer while burning Xbox games. Xbox games should be copied in a dual layer DVD disc, so this feature lets the software switch at the right time. You are relieved from the trouble of setting layer breaks manually.

Simple layout

Xbox 360 games are not only played by computer wizards, but also by average Joes. Cookies Xbox360 game burner download lets both new gamers and computer geeks enjoy a hassle free experience. The easy to use layout makes it extremely easy to burn games.

Faster performance

The latest version of Cookies game burner software works much faster than its previous versions. It has been designed to be compatible with the new Intel i3, i5 and i7. It works excellently on almost all CPUs.

No read errors

Cookies game burner is the best software program for burning Xbox 360 games, as it makes copies of the games without any read errors for up to 16x.

Compatible with the latest operating systems

Cookies Xbox360 game burner is designed to be user friendly. Its interface has highly polished visual cues, which make it easy and fast to make copies of the games. It offers free upgrades for lifetime, so you can get to know about the updates and make use of them easily.

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