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Mobile phones are the latest fad that is doing rounds among the younger generation. Ever since cellular phone technology became accessible by all people, the mobile phone has evolved a lot. From just being a device to talk with, mobile phones have become much more a camera, a data storage device, a place where you can access e-mails and even respond to them, a device that can open your attachments and presentations and also your personal game station. Many mobile phone companies offer a few games that are preloaded in every mobile phone.

However, with the advancement of technology, high-end fancy games have also come into being. These mobile games are also offered by many websites at specific prices. The prominent mobile phone games that are famous the world over are, cricket mobile Java games. The game of cricket as we all know has a huge fan following across the world. This being the case, cricket games have also become the latest fad amongst all phone users. They experience a new high by actually playing this intriguing game of cricket, rather than just watching the cricketers play. A website which offers a wide range of excellent mobile phone games is For purchasing a game from the website, the following are the steps to be followed:

Get GPRS activation on your mobile phone. For this, you simply need to call up your mobile phone operator and get it activated.
Log on to and sign up using your username and password.
On the center of the main webpage, click on the link Krish Mobile
Select from the wide range of cricket games such as Krish Cricket, Settle Scores, Bat On, Flying bats and many more. Before you proceed, you can read about the game and also view screen shots and other relevant information pertaining to that particular game.
After you click the More Info link besides each game, a new window opens up. This window provides you with the Buy Now link where you get to choose the game you wish to purchase.
You can then select your phone handset from the drop down menu and check out the file size of the game. The file size is the capacity that needs to be available in your cellular phone if you want to download the game.
Then you go to the Add to Cart link and add the selected game to your shopping cart.
When you have finished selecting your game, click the Check Out link and fill up the form with your billing details to make the payment.
Once you have made the payment, the code for downloading the game will be sent to the email address provided by you. Using this code you can download the game to your GPRS-enabled mobile phone.

Now this exciting and popular game is all yours to play! For more details on mobile games download as well as latest information on mobile games visit

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