New R4i 3ds Specifications

We have been told many times that most gamers choose R4i 3DS as their first choice as it’s unique features and superior quality.The R4i 3DS card inherit all capabilities through the R4i SDHC card, and performs on 3DS perfectly.
All of us knows the previous flashcards was R4 DS card.But it has instead by the newest ones R4i 3DS by it’s progressive features. By the way, R4 DS is always the best choice for DS Lite console for cheap price and original functions.R4i SDHC 3DS is typically? and cheap flash cart alternative that enables you to definitely start games, operate products and perform advertising straight through the device. R4i 3DS also was the first flashcard broken dsi 1.4.1 system and got it works any version of ds consoles since 2010. Many R4i dealers sell fake cards that would damage your console in a major way, therefore, it is essential do not simply buy it from anyone other than
There are many cheapest flashcards must be fake card. You get what you paid for. If you just choose the cheapest one ,you will take a waste and cost more. Before you select which one of R4i, please pay attention to their offcial website and check if the date of manufacture has to be recent and the kernel must be fresh. Earlier R4i could not supported media applications, but R4i 3DS can do with a large storage space to store e-books, movies and photos.Good flashcard should keep on updating the firmwarwe continuously.
Branded R4i 3DS card provide 3-6 month warranty generally.It provides more flexible time and guarantee for our cards so that settle quality issues.So please make sure you have enough warranty time before you buy R4i 3DS from any dealers.For experience a sensational gaming experience, find a realiable shop first.
R4 3DS knowns as it’s excellent compatibility and timely updates of software.It’s simple to install, you just need to download the kernel from website on the package then drag all files ( include Game file) to memeory card. You can completely enjoy games on your console after done above steps.R4i 3DS have specific features which it carries are original DS slot 1 cart size, built in pass-me support, having boot clean dump images, no drivers needed, backing standard FAT system, with upgradeable firmware, the screen control, skinning backup, auto detect saving, Wi-Fi supporting, DS rumble pack, DS browser support, and much more.
R4 3DS card work with all NDS console, like DS lite,DSi, DSILL, DsiXL,3DS regardless of any version of your system is.Since there are many NDS onwers concern about if any damages occured cause by R4i, the truth is it would not do any harm of your console absolutely.We have not heard any damage case up to now.? All data are stored in memory card and not in console directly.It has no affection on your console even if R4 3DS is broken. So please believe it’s totally safe for NDS console.
Since there are so many typies of R4i can be chose nowadays, but definitely R4 3DS is the best one.It utilizes Moonshell 2.0 for all of your multi media needs, allowing you to listen to your favorite mp3 music, watch movies, TV shows, and much more on your Nintendo DS and DSi. And continuously update kernel to reacting from Nintendo’s renewal.R4 3DS deserve you have as it’s not just a flash card for games, but for much more entertainment.

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