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Mobile commerce that is also referred as M-Commerce is not a bolt from a blue, it is an old terminology. However, it is recently getting a fast pace towards its boom specifically in Dubai. With the increasing trend of 3G devices and Smartphone among the people; trend of online mobile shopping in Dubai is also increasing. Concept of online shopping was earlier restricted with the use of computers only but nowadays net enabled portable devices and Smartphone have shifted the dimension of online shopping in area of Dubai and surroundings towards the online mobile shopping in Dubai. A dramatic increase has been observed in number of persons who have switched from traditional online shopping to online mobile shopping in Dubai and it’s still going on.
Brief history
Idea of online mobile shopping originated from the thought of downloading ringtones, mobile games and apps for which a user has to pay some charges. In this process a user browse through different categories of apps or other downloadable stuff and pays online to get access or download the desired app. Later on m-commerce became a way more than acquiring just intangible things. It started to grow in buying of tangible products along with those things that can be downloaded. In fact its reliability and its usage has risen to this extent that even if a person goes to a shopping arena than after selecting his desired product he sometimes sees the same product on online shops to compare prices; and there is no surprise in it if he finds it less costly than he will order it through the platform of online mobile shopping in Dubai for his gratification rather than purchasing it right there from the shop.
It is not always true that a website that is best fitted on computer screen will also adjust on smaller screens of mobile and all functions will be enabled on mobile as well. It is a fact that most of the times your website will not be fully mobile compatible. Some modifications have to be made to normal online shopping websites sometimes or even the need of making a separate website with mobile version might also arise. If you wish your client to seek out you by using their phone and build procurement; then you have to make it sure that that they get a good and user friendly interface.
The process
There is no rocket science if you want to avail the opportunity of online mobile shopping in Dubai. If you have ever gone through the experience of online shopping than online mobile shopping is the very same thing; only difference is that you do it with your internet enabled hand held devices. It is the sweetness of this method that you can do it while lying comfortably on your bed. It is not just time and energy saving; rather it is also an effective cost saving technique as well. You should at least try some well recognised and trusted mobile shopping sites for the ultimate experience of shopping.

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