R4 Ds and R4i are wonderful multimedia flash cards that you can use on your Nintendo console

R4DS and R4i are wonderful media flash cards you can use on your Nintendo console. Oftentimes many people wonder which of the cards is better; in this write-up, an attempt is made to unravel the features and qualities of each of the cards so that you can make a better choice.R4DSThis stands as the very first original card that hit the market in the year 2007. As at that time, it was very popular among users.

The card came with wonderful features that support all kinds of games, applications, movies, videos and music files. It also supports Micro SD cards with capacity up to 2 GB. However, in the middle of 2008, the manufacturers of the R4DS stopped producing it. This gave rise to the introduction of newer models such as R4i and others.The Pros of the R4DSThe R4DS is still very compatible with Nintendo DS consoles.

However, it doesn’t work on DSi or DSi XL versions. It only supports Micros SD cards with 2GB capacity. It doesn’t support Micro SDHC cards and other newer models. In any case, the card remains very useful to all Nintendo users.R4i The R4i card is a newer media flash card. It came onboard as an improvement upon the former R4DS. The current version of the card known as R4i Gold is known to be very popular among Nintendo DS users. Since the year 2009 onwards, the R4i card has remained very popular both in Europe and American continents.

The card is actually causing waves online especially in the lives of game, video and music lovers.The Pros of the R4iThe R4i is compatible with modern versions of Nintendo DS consoles such as DSi and DSi XL. It also supports the new DSi v1.4 firmware in a most unique way. The card supports Micro SD cards up to 32 GB. Everyone who desires to have a perfect gaming experience needs to go for this card as it supports all kinds of gaming systems.Comparing R4DS and R4iFrom the above descriptions, it’s very clear that the R4i is much better that R4DS. The R4i has better improved features than R4DS.

For instance, the R4i is compatible with newer versions of Nintendo DS consoles such as DSi and DSi XL. Again, the card supports Micro SD cards with higher capacities.When it comes to price, the R4i is costlier than r4 ds. This is obviously because of its improved features. Thus, it’s always better to go for the R4i Gold if you really want to enjoy your Nintendo console. Moreover, the original R4DS is no longer being produced by the manufacturing company; hence, you may find it difficult to locate it. To be on a safer side, the R4i or even the newer R4 SDHC can serve you. With such cards, you can download all kinds of gaming systems, music, and video and movie files. The sky is indeed your limit when using the cards.

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