The Best India Sports Betting Sites for 2018

India is one of those places where gambling is hit or miss. It鈥檚 only legal in a couple of states, and who knows if this will improve in the future? That leaves a lot of bettors out in the cold.

Your next-best option resides in a sort of gray area. You can bet online at offshore sports betting sites that accept customers from India.

Some of these sportsbooks are legit, while many more are not. If you want to join one of the legit ones, you have to learn how to separate the good apples from the bad ones.

There is a simpler approach. You can use our recommendations instead since we ONLY recommend good apples. You鈥檒l find those betting sites in the list below. Choose any one of them to ensure that you鈥檒l have a positive experience betting sports online.

RankBetting SiteDeposit BonusGet Started
#1Betrally Logo
100% Up To $100Visit Site
#2Betway Sports Logo
Betway Sports
100% Up To $50Visit Site

Each online bookmaker above has been vetted by our team. In fact, several of our team members are customers at these places. You can bet your bankroll that that would only be the case if these were quality sites to bet with.

How do you know they鈥檙e quality sportsbooks? Because each one fits the following criteria.

  • Each site is licensed and regulated
  • They allow you to deposit and/or bet in rupees
  • The betting sites we recommend take action on a large variety of sports and markets
  • There are several offers for you to claim
  • They accept numerous banking options and have reasonable limits and fees
  • Each betting site has a positive reputation in the industry

The bottom line 鈥?you can feel good joining any of the sports betting sites in the list above.

If for whatever reason you鈥檙e not interested in these online bookmakers that accept Indians, we have written a couple of other guides that show you the best gambling sites and casinos that you might consider instead.

For everyone else, provided below is some information about betting in India. First, we鈥檙e going to answer a few questions about betting in India, including the legality of it and what your options are.

Next, we鈥檒l talk about how to make more money by reducing or eliminating your sports betting expenses.

The last section will help you in your search for an online sportsbook. It will cover what the best sportsbooks online have in common and why these qualities should be important to you.

Let鈥檚 get to it.

A Few Questions and Answers About Betting in India

We see and receive lots of questions about betting sports in India. The following are the most common questions and our answers.

Is Sports Betting Legal in India?

Yes, to an extent.

Games of skill are legal in India. Horse race betting is considered a skill. Therefore, you can bet on horse races.

That鈥檚 about it offline, though.

Can You Bet Sports Online?

Betting online is going to be illegal in most states due to the Information Technology Act 2000. The fines are substantial if you鈥檙e caught breaking the law, too — 鈧?0,000 per day if you鈥檙e caught gambling online.

There is an exception or two, though. Sikkim is one example. They are permitted to award gambling licenses to online operators and have begun doing so.

This will include online casinos, betting sites, and the lottery.

Everyone else will have to bet at offshore betting sites that accept customers from India.

What Are 鈥淥ffshore鈥?Betting Sites?

Offshore sites are betting sites and online bookmakers that don鈥檛 operate from within the country you鈥檙e playing from. For example, if you live in India and play at a UK-based site, that is an offshore site.

How Do I Know I Can Trust an Offshore Bookmaker?

It depends.

If you join a gambling site that鈥檚 licensed in the UK, Malta, Alderney, or one of the other well-known and strict gambling jurisdictions, you know you鈥檙e in good hands. They won鈥檛 give a license to just any old site.

These jurisdictions also won鈥檛 hesitate to suspend or pull a site鈥檚 license if they think that it is up to no good. They also investigate consumer complaints.

We prefer to recommend these sites whenever possible. They are as safe, legit, and honest as it gets in the online gambling industry.

As for the other offshore sites, that鈥檚 a little tougher to figure out. Their licenses don鈥檛 often mean much. And the jurisdictions they鈥檙e licensed through don鈥檛 do much, if anything at all, when a site pulls a stunt.

The best way to determine if a gambling site is legit in those cases is to use our reviews. We have the industry experience and know-how to quickly determine if a site is worth recommending. If it鈥檚 not, we won鈥檛 do it, and that鈥檚 as simple as that gets.

7 Expenses You Can Cut or Eliminate (and Why It鈥檚 Important)

Here鈥檚 a question for you 鈥?how often do you think professional handicappers win bets? Do they win 90% of their bets? 80%? 70%?

Not even close.

The best bettors in the world win around 53%-55% of the time.

In fact, experts say that if a sports bettor is winning 60% of the time 鈥?in the long run 鈥?they鈥檙e passing up on profitable opportunities.

Hugely profitable sports bettors make their money by finding thin edges and exploiting them for larger sums. You don鈥檛 want to find a huge edge and bet $10. You want to find a tiny edge and bet $100. Then find 10 more opportunities just like it.

That鈥檚 how you maximize your profits.

However, not everyone is able to spend that kind of money. Some of us have much smaller bankrolls to work with. This means we have less room for error, which means it鈥檚 important to exploit every single edge we can find.

One such edge is your expenses 鈥?the cost of betting sports online. By itself, a singular expense won鈥檛 do much damage to your profits. Add them all together, though, and you鈥檒l tear your hair out wondering how you鈥檒l ever turn a profit.

That鈥檚 why one of the things you should do 鈥?especially if you鈥檙e on a budget 鈥?is cut or eliminate some of your expenses. The following are a few ideas for where you can start.

1. Bank Fees

Deposit and withdrawal fees are some of the most costly expenses you鈥檒l have betting online. You can easily pay $25-$75 for a bank wire, and that鈥檚 to the sportsbook. After that, your bank might charge you an additional $35-$60.

That鈥檚 not all, though. Credit and debit card fees can be as high as 12%, which is absolute craziness. Just imagine 10% or more taken off the top before your money ever reaches your hands.

One way to combat this is to simply compare sportsbooks. Find and choose the sportsbook that charges fewer fees 鈥?assuming all the other criteria matches what you鈥檙e looking for.

You might also try to find a sportsbook that gives you one free cash-out every month or free cash-outs if you meet a minimum. Then cash out as much as you can to take full advantage of that opportunity.

Something else you can do is use a different option entirely. For example, you might try using Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

One of the benefits to using cryptocurrencies is that they often have no fees since the sportsbook doesn鈥檛 have to pay a 3rd party to process the payments. Sometimes you might have a small fee from the sportsbook and/or the blockchain.

But this fee is peanuts compared to the fees you鈥檒l pay using fiat currencies.

2. Cheaper Vig

Vig is the abbreviation for vigorish, which is the name for the fees the sportsbooks add to their bets.

Each sportsbook charges a different amount of vig. Their margins are different. For example, some sportsbooks have a 2% margin, while others charge 5% or more.

The vig or margin also varies from sport to sport. It鈥檚 not something you can compare from a 30,000-foot view. You need to compare sport to sport or market to market at each sportsbook to truly figure out who offers the cheapest vig.

Don鈥檛 take this lightly, either. A 5% margin doesn鈥檛 sound like much 鈥?it鈥檚 only $5 for every $100 spent. But this adds up to $50 for every $1,000 spent and $500 for every $10,000 spent.

How many extra bets can you make with $50 or $500? How much extra profit can you make with that kind of extra money every month?

One way to quickly reduce the vig is to look for sportsbooks that offer dime lines or reduced juice. This is probably the easiest way to reduce the vig without having to do much research on your part.

3. Smaller Playthroughs

Say you claim a deposit bonus or take a sportsbook up on their free bet offer. Once you do that, you鈥檒l be obligated to fulfill their playthrough requirements.

The risk you face when fulfilling playthrough requirements is that you can lose your profits in the process. If you have to roll $100 over 8 times, you have to bet $800 before you can cash out.

It wouldn鈥檛 be abnormal by any stretch if you made a few bad bets and lost all your money. It happens all the time.

But what if the rollover was only 5x? What if you only had to wager $500 instead of $800? You鈥檇 reduce your obligation by $300. This would reduce your risk of losing your profits prior to being able to cash out.

This isn鈥檛 hard to do, either.

Simply compare sportsbooks to see who has the most reasonable offer and playthrough.

Our reviews are a good place to look for this kind of information.

It might mean accepting a smaller bonus, but it鈥檚 worth doing if your objective is to reduce your costs.

4. Free Bets

This isn鈥檛 a tip you can exploit often, unless it鈥檚 part of an ongoing promotion. But one thing you can do every so often to reduce your costs is to claim a free bet.

Free bets aren鈥檛 really free 鈥?they鈥檙e more like insurance. Here鈥檚 what we mean by that.

If you make a $10 bet and win, the sportsbook gives you nothing. You won, so why would they give you anything?

However, if you make a $10 bet and lose, the sportsbook will reimburse you that $10. You鈥檙e not out anything.

That鈥檚 exactly what we鈥檙e aiming for when the goal is to reduce our expenses.

5. Bank and Bet in Rupees

Another area where you can be nickeled and dimed is when you join an online bookmaker that doesn鈥檛 allow you to deposit, bet, or cash out in rupees. They make you use a different currency instead.

This is massively inconvenient. That鈥檚 not the only problem, though.

You may also lose buying power if the rupee is weaker than whatever currency you鈥檙e forced to use (likely pounds, euros, or dollars).

Then there are the exchange rate fees. You can pay a couple of percentage points to as much as $5 per transaction. That鈥檚 an average, by the way. It might be higher depending on the banking option you use.

And do you remember when we talked about bookmaker margins above? It鈥檚 the same thing here. A couple percentage points doesn鈥檛 sound like much, but it all adds up.

Every little bit counts when you鈥檙e betting in small increments, too. Every dollar you can save matters when you鈥檙e operating on a thin win rate/margin.

You can avoid this issue by joining betting sites that let you deposit, bet, and cash out in your native currency. The best way to find these sites is to read our reviews.

6. Rebates

One type of offer many betting sites make is to pay a percentage of your losses back to you each week in the form of a rebate. This might be 10% or 20% up to $200, $500, or $1,000 鈥?it varies from place to place 鈥?but it鈥檚 money you鈥檇 lose otherwise to a sportsbook that doesn鈥檛 offer it.

And if you think about, you will never have an expense larger than the money you use to make your bets 鈥?your bankroll. So, reducing how much you lose each week is an excellent way to reduce your expenses.

Another thing that鈥檚 cool about this kind of offer is that many sportsbooks don鈥檛 make you roll them over. There鈥檚 no playthrough. That money you get back is yours to use however you please.

And even if they do make you roll your rebate over, it鈥檚 usually only a couple of times. That鈥檚 a relatively low risk when compared to offers such as welcome and reload bonuses.

7. Betting Tips/Picks

Another expense some bettors have is paying for picks. You can easily pay hundreds of dollars per month, if not more, for advice on what to bet on.

We recommend you cut this expense out entirely and use this money to make additional bets instead. There are a few reasons why.

For one thing, not all handicappers are honest. You might be paying hundreds of dollars to someone who lied about their record and betting skills.

You鈥檙e also paying for picks that you could learn how to do yourself. There are plenty of guides on our website that can show you how to make more profitable bets than you鈥檙e making now.

Finally, there are plenty of quality services out there that offer their picks for free. Why pay money to someone who will make an educated guess (if it鈥檚 educated at all) on who/what to bet on when you can get that same thing for nothing at all?

This might be the easiest expense to cut.

Don鈥檛 sleep on this tip or any of the others above. Reduce or cut them as soon as you can. Imagine if you could cut $50 or $100 or more every month. What would that add to your bankroll? How much would that improve your win rate?

Would that finally push you over the edge into the black?

The only way to know for sure is to try these tips out and see for yourself.

What the Best Sports Betting Sites in the World Offer

Does the perfect online betting site exist?

Unlikely. We can鈥檛 think of a single sportsbook that鈥檚 perfect, much less a good fit for every single reader that hits our website.

Instead of looking for the perfect betting site, though, your time would be better spent looking for a great site, or one of the best.

The best betting sites will still have their imperfections. However, they will tick many of the following boxes which, by most people鈥檚 standards, will make them excellent places to bet on your favorite sports.

1. The Best Online Bookmakers Have Low Margins/Vig

We just got done explaining how to reduce your expenses. One of those tips is to find sportsbooks with cheaper vig. You might see this talked about as low margins or reduced juice.

Instead of nickeling and diming you, the best sportsbooks offer opportunities for reduced juice knowing that their handicappers set strong enough lines. Many sportsbooks also deal with lower margins by focusing on accepting a larger volume of bets.

However they make it work on their end, these are the types of sportsbooks you want to join. Keep in mind that the reduced juice won鈥檛 apply to all their markets across the board. Many offer $0.08 and $0.10 lines on specific sports.

The best way to find out what markets are the cheapest is to read our reviews. You can also check out betting forums and subreddits for this information.

2. The Best Online Bookmakers Allow Winning Indian Bettors

Few things suck more than feeling like you can鈥檛 win too much money without the sportsbook limiting your account or banning you altogether. But this happens every single day.

Not at the best sportsbooks, though. The best sportsbooks have a business model where they make adjustments based on how often people win. They鈥檒l adjust their lines so that they can still make a profit.

You shouldn鈥檛 be punished because you put the time and effort in to become a proficient sports bettor. And at the best sportsbooks online, you won鈥檛 be.

3. The Best Online Bookmakers Allow Arbitrage Betting

There are sports bettors out there who make all or the majority of their profits from arbitrage betting.

This is a strategy where you take advantage of pricing differences at different sportsbooks by making two or more bets to cover all the outcomes of a match.

These pricing discrepancies exist for several reasons. For example, maybe a sportsbook is running a promotion for reduced juice. They could also have different opinions about a match. Or maybe they鈥檙e slow to adjust their lines.

You could take advantage of these discrepancies which 鈥?if done right 鈥?would guarantee a profit or at the very least you breaking even despite the fact that you鈥檙e betting on all the outcomes.

Many sportsbooks dislike arbitrage bettors, though. They don鈥檛 fit the type of customer they want betting at their site. So, they will prohibit arbitrage betting in their terms or limit or ban anyone they suspect of arbitrage betting.

You want to avoid these sportsbooks if you can help it. We always try to include whether a sportsbook allows arbitrage betting when possible so that you can quickly determine if they鈥檙e right for you.

And if you want to be a winning sports bettor, they won鈥檛 be.

4. The Best Online Bookmakers Offer Lots of Promotions

Betting promos help keep things exciting. They give you something extra to look forward to, whether that鈥檚 a free bet, rebates on your losses, or winning your Final Four bracket.

Crappy sportsbooks will offer an initial free bet or $20 bonus when you sign up. Then they鈥檒l more or less ignore you afterwards.

The best sportsbooks will offer you a bonus when you sign up. Then once you鈥檙e done with that, they鈥檒l offer additional free bets, rebates, reduced juice, and more to keep you coming back.

Our favorite sportsbooks also have event-specific promotions. They鈥檒l have special bets or offers for events such as the Olympics, Super Bowl, Final Four, World Series, World Cup, and more.

These are the best sportsbooks to join.

5. The Best Online Bookmakers for Indian Bettors Pay Out Winnings Fast

When you win a large bet and decide to cash some of that out for yourself, you want it tomorrow, not several days or weeks from now.

Unfortunately, that鈥檚 not how many sportsbooks operate. At many sportsbooks, it can take a long time before you receive your check. And even then, you might not be confident that the check even clears the bank.

What makes all this even worse is that many sportsbooks will charge you fees for cash-outs. Then you鈥檒l sometimes get hit with fees from your bank, too. That鈥檚 just added salt in the wound.

The best sportsbooks will pay you within a reasonable timeframe. You鈥檒l receive checks in a week or less. E-wallets and credit cards take a day or five tops. Crypto payments are often processed in less than one day.

The bottom line 鈥?the best India sports betting sites pay their customers out quickly. These are the sportsbooks you want to join.

6. The Best Online Bookmakers Offer Features That Will Help You Make More Profitable Bets

Many subpar sportsbooks are plain. They have the bare minimum 鈥?a few markets to bet on, an option for how to read/place your bets, and maybe mobile betting.


The best sportsbooks will offer tools and resources that you can use to make more profitable bets. This can include resources such as sport, team, and player data, betting picks, and news. They may also have features such as early cash-outs.

When used correctly, these tools can help you make more profitable bets. And in some cases, they will help to minimize your losing bets, too.

Now, you鈥檙e unlikely to find a sportsbook that checks all of these boxes. However, if you can find a sportsbook that checks two or three of these boxes, that鈥檚 pretty good.

Any more than that, though, and you will have found one of the best sportsbooks in the world. You should join that sportsbook and make a deposit immediately.


The biggest hurdle Indians face is their gambling laws. As is, online gambling is a gray area in Indian. It鈥檚 hard to tell when, or if, that will change.

For now, your best option is to join a quality offshore sportsbook 鈥?such as the ones we listed in the table above. Join one of those sportsbooks, and you鈥檒l have plenty of markets to bet on, offers to claim, and banking options to use.

Combine that with our tips above, and you鈥檒l have an enjoyable and likely profitable betting experience online.

You鈥檇 be hard-pressed to find anyone who鈥檇 complain about that.