The easiest way to burn Xbox 360 games (Mac and Windows versions)

Tired of running into problems when burning Xbox games to disk? Tired of software that produces little more than a series of read errors? Sick of having to manually add layerbreaks? Annoyed with software whose instructions are more complicated than scientific equations? Cookies Game Burner has the answer!
Cookies Game Burner is the leading software for burning Xbox games to disk for later use. The only software of its kind dedicated exclusively to console game burning, it is the choice of over 26,000 users in the world, with sales in 77 countries.

First released in 2008, Cookies Game Burner has been chosen as editor’s pick by numerous editors (including Bright Hub and P.C. World), as well as winning numerous awards (including awards from Softonic and Softpedia).

Cookies Game Burner V4 is designed so that even a small child is capable of easily and successfully burning Xbox 360 games (Mac or Windows versions) to disk for later play. It was specifically designed with the casual gamer, rather than the technogeek, in mind. It enables users to choose the Xbox OSI files from the source of their choice, and burn those files to disk without the numerous read errors and other issues than can arise. Further, it makes the process more intuitive by adding features such as automatic layerbreaks, so that the user does not have to manually add each layerbreak, and a stealth patch to allow the games to be played on Xbox Live. And it uses a simple GUI interface, with a number of visual cues added, so that the user can be burning Xbox games with a minimum of interruptions to figure out what he or she is doing! Even better, Cookies Game Burner V4 has increased the speed of the file copying. Instead of a standard 4x, Cookies Game burner V4 allows the user to burn files at up to 16x, with virtually no read errors.

And, unlike many Xbox game-burning software packages, it is compatible with most CPUs currently in use. It was created around the newer Intel i3, i5, and i7 processors, but works with older processors such as Celerons, AMD, and Core 2 Duo processors. This means that, unlike many software packages, Cookies Game Burner is one of the most easily adaptable Xbox 360 game-burning products on the market today.

Additionally, Cookies Game Burner provides 24/7 online support, and each purchase includes free lifetime upgrades.Best of all, for a limited time, Cookies Game Burner is offering their V4 software for burning Xbox 360 games (Mac and Windows versions included) for the bargain price of $25.95! This price won’t last, so now is the time to acquire this essential game aid!

As any gamer can tell you, the ease of burning Xbox games to disk has become a vital part of being able to enjoy the games. With Cookies Game Burner V4, the user can ensure that the process of burning Xbox 360 games is easy, and non-disruptive to the enjoyment of the games themselves.

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