The growth of mobile technology over the last decade

The mobile phone or the cell phone has now become an integral part of life irrespective of the kind of lifestyle you lead. The growth of mobile technology has led to each mobile phone being introduced to be more sophisticated and technologically advanced than the previous. And what makes this device so unique is that there is no end to the kind of functions it can perform and it is expected that the future innovations might make you wonder how people ever lived without the device. Today the high end technology has made the mobile phone a device that not only enables verbal communication across distances but also has been instilled with capabilities that provide services and applications like computing, photography, and a music system besides sending messages or texts, all rolled into one device that fits cozily into your palm.

Starting from a mere system for communication for military use during the World War around the year 1946-47, the phone later became a part of the communication device in automobiles and the first telephone call was made on June 17, 1946, from St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Through various innovations and technological advances, the mobile phone today is no longer simply a telephone but with the introduction of the Smart phones’ it has become multi-dimensional and multi-functional. In fact it is in the last decade that the mobile telephone has undergone huge transformations with the introduction of the second generation (2G) and the Third Generation (3G) technology.

The mobile phones today are no longer simply low end feature phones that offer telephonic services but by the use of software applications it is now referred to as smartphones’. Released in 1992-93, the smartphones were installed with all the information required for people working in a fast paced corporate work environment. It is enabled with facilities like a faxing and emailing and for quick references it also has a calendar, an address book, calculator, world clock, and games for entertainment. One of the most unique features of this high end mobile phone is that it does not have buttons for manual operation but is installed with a touchscreen that is sensitive to the touch of your fingertips. This has drastically reduced the size of the mobile phone as the space otherwise required for installing buttons is now done away with.

Innovations and experimentations on the mobile phone technology throughout the entire decades of the 1900s and 2000 have resulted in the introduction of the IPhones which is the first to initiate the multi- touch interface and a large touch screen. Besides the usual smart phone facilities the IPhone is also equipped with the third-party native applications to make the device even more functional. The manufacturers also introduced the free and paid additional applications which were provided by the apps store through which downloading of information, music and movies become easy and simple. Today the world is looking forward to an advancement in mobile phone technology that will lessen the distances and stand true to the adage it’s a small world.

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