What’s in the Nintendo Wii Package in the US

After almost two years of waiting, Nintendo finally launched their latest video game console on November 14, 2006 in North America. Formerly called “Revolution”, Nintendo decided to change the name to “Wii” (pronounced as “we”) to capture wider audiences including the non-gamers who never thought of video games as a cup of tea.

On its launching date, Nintendo confirmed the number of Wiis that will be distributed to retailers worldwide.would be six millions units. To date, over one million Wiis have been sold with the highest sales coming from the Americas, Japan, and UK in barely two weeks.

Nintendo Wii bundle package in the United States includes the console, sensor bar, Wii Remote, Nunchuk, Wii Sports Disc, Wii Console Stand, Wee AC Adapter, and Wii AV Cable.

Nintendo Wii bundle package in the United States may be bought as a whole but many consumers are still asking about the price of the console. The Wii’s makers revealed that the console may purchased separately, however, what is so distinct about the Wii is not just confined in the console itself but in the unique and cutting-edge controllers.

As said, included in the Nintendo Wii bundle package in the United States is the console which has dimensions of 8.5 inches long, 6.5 inches wide, less than 2 inches thick, and weighs only 2 pounds. It is the smallest console so far in the third generation consoles.

Nintendo Wii console received “The Best Show” award in the 2006 E3 and won high acclaims from video critics. The console also accepts 12cm Wii discs or 8cm GameCube discs and plays them on a self-loading optical media bay.

The Sensor Bar uses bluetooth technology allowing the Wii remote to send signal to the console within a 30-foot distance. The Wii Remote serves as main controller of movements of games’ characters. At most four of this device can be hooked to the console at once for multiplayer fun.

Also included in the Nintendo Wii bundle package in the United States is the Nunchuk that features a contour design to fit a player’s hand perfectly. It is fitted at the expansion port of the Wii Remote and takes an extra role in operating several games. The Nunchuk uses the same technology as the Wii remote, but it contains an analog stick that also regulates characters movements.

The Wii Sports disc is a compilation of games in the sports of baseball, tennis, bowling, golf, and boxing. The character movements in these games comprehensively exemplify the uses of the Wii Remote in the more in-depth and complex games like the Wii version of the Zelda series.

Recently, retailers warn that there will be a real shortage of the Nintendo Wii bundle package in the United States due to a very high demand and not because manufacturing is slow. Nintendo Wii is the fastest-selling video game console ever in the U.S., Japan, and the U.K.

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